Throbbing Tales Prize Winner is…..

As you know, all four novellas featured in Throbbing Tales 2019 are standout, knock-you-down thrill rides. But that said, it’s time to announce the winner of Best In Show! Based on a vote of one, by yours truly, editor in chief.

Buckle your seatbelts boils and ghouls, because here comes the drumroll:

After much deliberation, constipation, condemnation, and conflagration, the winner of the Best In Show Award goes to………..

Jason Michael Spurlock!

Congrats, Jason. Your novella T.H.R.O.B. truly showcases what Throbbing Tales is all about, all while elevating the anthology to new heights with your strong narrative voice and dynamite characters. It was an honor to publish your work and I know readers will feel equally honored when they get to read it.

Again, a big thank you to all the authors featured and to all the authors who submitted. I’m already gearing up for next year’s edition, so bring it on!

Much love,

Michael J. H. MacNeill
Throbbing Tales, Editor in Chief

2019 Throbbing Tales: Press Release

Throbbing Tales 2019 has burst forth into the world! Available now in paperback and eBook.

If phones and social media has scrambled our brains and melted our attention span, why haven’t novellas had a resurgence? They’re meatier than a short story and still short enough for us bipedal surface-dwellers to finish in one sitting. So where have all of the novellas gone? 

Throbbing Tales made a space this year to highlight the novella format. I was overwhelmed with the quality of the submissions, and I’m proud to showcase them within these pages. This year’s model contains a wide variety of work, coming at you from every angle. We’ve got weird, we’ve got exciting, we’ve got poignent, we’ve got cannibals and sex-bots and wizards and werewolves. Time to unzip, then zip it right back up, because it’s about to get weird…

Snag your copy this weekend, and spread the word.

Love you all, and congratulations to the authors!

Michael J. H. MacNeill
Editor in Chief