Call for Submissions: Throbbing Tales

Throbbing Tales is now accepting submissions for its second annual issue… and we’re looking for novellas!

Deadline: OCTOBER 1st, 2019
Format: NOVELLAS (15k-35k words)
Genre: Horror, Humor, Erotica

Throbbing Tales showcases all of the good things in life; Horror, Humor, and Erotica. Priority will be given to submissions that include all three.  This year, we are devoting our pages to the late, great format of the Novella. To us, the novella is a work within the range of 15,000 words to 35,000 words.  Other genre fiction may be considered, depending on the content. Think “Midnight Drive-In Double Feature.” We strongly desire to promote diverse perspectives, especially in Horror.

If your piece does not fall under the submission guidelines, please query before sending it, otherwise it may not be reviewed.

Submission Guidelines:

Only digital submissions will be accepted. Submissions must be in .doc, .docx, .txt or .rtf format.

Email Subject line: “Throbbing Tales Submission:” followed by “Title” and “X thousand words.”

Submissions without this subject line may not be considered. We will not accept submissions with the text embedded in the body of an email.

The first line of your submission’s document should contain the title, and the second line should contain the author’s name. We recommend that the document is in a sensible font, such as Courier or Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced, with no special characters.

Please send submissions

Prize: One work will be chosen as 1st place, and the winner will receive a trophy! A real, physical trophy!

Happy writing!

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