Why is our community the best? Because of you! If members didn’t volunteer their time and resources we wouldn’t have the technology or talent to facilitate great meetings.

Our group is free to join, but remember that it’s not free to operate. Recently MeetUp raised their organizer fees to $16.49 per month and our virtual meetings require Zoom Conferencing Software which is $14.99 per month. Whether you use these resources regularly, occasionally, or simply wish to support our cause, please consider chipping in to keep us running. Here’s a link to donate:

*NOTE: You don’t have to use GoFundMe to donate. Chip in at our meetings, or email for more opportunities to pitch in.


Remember that you can also help us out by volunteering your time. Want to host your own Red Sands event? Whether it’s weekly, a one-off workshop, virtual session or in-person, please email with your ideas.