2019 Throbbing Tales: Press Release

Throbbing Tales 2019 has burst forth into the world! Available now in paperback and eBook.

If phones and social media has scrambled our brains and melted our attention span, why haven’t novellas had a resurgence? They’re meatier than a short story and still short enough for us bipedal surface-dwellers to finish in one sitting. So where have all of the novellas gone? 

Throbbing Tales made a space this year to highlight the novella format. I was overwhelmed with the quality of the submissions, and I’m proud to showcase them within these pages. This year’s model contains a wide variety of work, coming at you from every angle. We’ve got weird, we’ve got exciting, we’ve got poignent, we’ve got cannibals and sex-bots and wizards and werewolves. Time to unzip, then zip it right back up, because it’s about to get weird…

Snag your copy this weekend, and spread the word.

Love you all, and congratulations to the authors!

Michael J. H. MacNeill
Editor in Chief

100 Best Horror Novels (up to 1987)

This cool book, originally published in 1988, asked famous writers to create the ultimate list of the Top 100 Horror Novels over history. I was so impressed by the obscure and classic titles they discussed, I copied the full list with Amazon links for reference. Check it out!

1592: Christopher Marlow – The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

1606: William Shakespeare – The Tragedy of Macbeth

1612: John Webster – The White Devil

1794: William Godwin – Caleb Williams

1796: Matthew Gregory Lewis – The Monk